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At Networkwise, we see the Cloud as an immensely important and powerful equalizer for SMEs. It removes the need for a large upfront capital investment in servers and software licenses, replacing it with simple, flexible monthly subscriptions, assuring that you only license what you need, for as long you need it. As a Microsoft Silver Preferred Partner we have extensive experience in managing and migrating small and large companies to the Cloud.

Partnered with Tarsus On Demand, our CSP, we can offer the full range of Microsoft cloud services including Hosting, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics.

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Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
Accelerate your cloud adoption with confidence using proven guidance that’s designed to help you create and
implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed in the cloud.
Organizations that do not have a
high-level cloud strategy driven
Define strategy
by their business strategy will
Define a cloud strategy to drive adoption
significantly increase their risk of
efforts that unlock business value.
failure and wasted investment.1
Understand motivations
for cloud adoption.
Develop a business case.
Choose first cloud adoption project.
Convert the aspirational goals of your
Prepare the cloud environment
cloud adoption strategy into actions.
for planned changes.
Assess your digital estate.
Review the Azure setup guide
and set up your cloud environment.
Align people across different cloud teams.
Create your migration landing zone.
Create a cloud adoption plan to manage change.
Migrate workloads to the cloud and modernize
them to meet your customer needs.
Over 50% of
enterprises focus on
Move on-premises workloads to the cloud
following the process of Assess, Migrate,
migrating workloads
Optimize, and Secure & Manage.
from their internal environments
when deploying into a public cloud.
Take advantage of cloud-native
technologies and modernize solutions.
28% are focused on a ‘lift and shift’
approach, while another 28% will
undergo refactoring first.²
Establish cloud governance to maintain a
Follow the cloud operations principles to
Concerns about cloud service
well-managed cross-cloud environment.
run reliable cloud environments.
provider security have become
Create a benchmark to track your
Classify cloud resources through
counterproductive and are
governance state.
impact analysis.
distracting CIOs and CISOs from
Implement a governance minimum
Operate, monitor, and manage
establishing the organizational,
viable product (MVP).
resilient solutions.
security, and governance processes
Evolve cloud governance processes
Build reliable solutions by preparing
and policies as cloud adoption grows.
for outages.
that prevent cloud security and
compliance mistakes.³
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